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We all know Streatham is a great place to live. Great restaurants, good outdoor spaces, plenty of transport and of course, fantastic people. Streatham is also a great place to keep yourself well and get well. Streatham is home to a wide range of professional and passionate therapists dedicated to helping people get better.

Streatham is also a great place to be pregnant and have children. There’s a huge range of children’s activities and some of the best schools in Lambeth are here in streatham. Plus with all those cafés and places to eat there’s never a shortage of places to go and things to do with your bump or baby. Keeping well in pregnancy is something the Streatham therapists are dedicated to. We asked a few of the local therapists how they might be able to support Streatham’s pregnant women.

Acupunturist Hannah Pearn ( treats women throughout pregnancy for anything from constipation to back ache to headaches and morning sickness and we asked her if acupuncture can also be helpful to induce labour?

“Yes, acupuncture is great for preparing the body and mind and getting the woman into a good space for entering into labour. There are specific acupuncture protocols which can encouraging labour to begin. These acupuncture treatments work by relaxing the energy of the body and reducing the stress and anxiety many women face at this time. This can allow the body to spontaneously begin labour.”

For a calmer and more comfortable birth you may want to try hypnobirthing. Rachel Godfrey ( says “this method of antenatal preparation has dramatically grown in popularity over the past few years as news of its success had spread from mum to mum.”

Hypnobirthing is focused on increasing a woman’s confidence in her own body to give birth and equipping her and her partner with a range of practical techniques to manage

“Don’t be put off by the name – hypnobirthing owes much to age-old techniques of breathing and massage, combined with modern hypnotherapy which will calm and relax during pregnancy as well as labour. It is also firmly grounded in the physiology of birth, and mums and dad’s are often fascinated by this aspect of the course”.’

Homeopathy is perfectly safe to use during pregnancy, in breast-feeding mums and for children because the ingredients in homeopathic medicines, mainly plants and minerals, are highly diluted. This means that the medicines are completely non-toxic, making them ideal for use at times when you might not want to take conventional drugs. Homeopathy can help with a variety of pregnancy symptoms including anxiety, morning sickness, heartburn, piles, leg cramps. After birth it is great for wound healing, breastfeeding problems and hormonal imbalances. For more information, please contact Claire Zarb for a free 15 minute clarity consultation.

Clinical massage therapist Mike O’Connor ( treats women before and up to birth, to help ease the physical exertions of carrying around a # for 9 months, such as lower back pain/stiffness and swollen/sore ankles, as well as being able to treat more specific common pregnancy-related conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome pre-birth, and De Quervain’s syndrome (thumb pain), and general shoulder/back/neck pain from lifting and breast-feeding, once baby has arrived. And of course, massage is a great stress reliever!

Keeping active is important during pregnancy. Yoga Teacher Anja Brierley Lange founder of Yogaembodied ( teaches local mothers-to-be and new mums yoga. She explains that a yoga practise can help create strength and stamina, much needed for labour and a new baby, and during pregnancy to prevent backache. It also offers techniques to relax and release tension. Breathing exercises and pelvic floor awareness are other useful skills learned during a yoga session.


For more information on any of the therapies please see individual websites or like the Streatham Therapists Facebook page for up to date information, advice and offers.

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