Acupressure for pain relief in labour

Workshop- Acupressure for Pain Relief in Labour  This is a new workshop for expectant mothers and their birthing partners. The aim is to teach participants a selection of acupressure points which can then be used to help with pain relief

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Electro- acupuncture

  Electro-acupuncture-what is it? Electro-acupuncture is a form of acupuncture which involves running a small electric current between two acupuncture needles. How does electro-acupuncture work? Electro-acupuncture aims to stimulate the body’s healing processes by sending electrical impulses through the channels,

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Acupuncture and the importance of rest

I’m recently returned from some time away on holiday. It was amazing and I was incredibly fortunate to have the chance to take so much time out of a very busy life. No phone connection, no internet access, no TV

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Acupuncture for back pain

Most of us will at some point during our life suffer from back pain. Official figures put it at 80% with aprox 7.6 million working days lost each year. The cost to business and the NHS is enormous and the

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Acupuncture for pregnancy

Hannah Pearn Acupuncture - Streatham, Islington, Kennington,London

It was during my first pregnancy I discovered acupuncture and used it as a way to relax and prepare my body and mind for birth. Three children and a BSc in Acupuncture later I find it one of my favourite

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Acupuncture for problem periods

Hannah Pearn Acupuncture - Streatham, Islington, Kennington,London

Pain, bloating, headaches, migraines, bad moods, cravings for sugar, back ache, tearfulness, flooding, diahorrea, spots, hot flushes, just some of the commonly experienced problems that occur for women around the time of their period. We live in a fast paced

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