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Acupuncture: you might not know that………

Hannah Pearn Acupuncture Logo - Streatham, Islington, Kennington,London

Needles: originally made from stone, bamboo, bone and gold. Now they’re individual, pre packaged, sterilised, single use and made from stainless steel. They are much smaller than hypodermic needles, aprox the width of a human hair. It Really Is Enjoyable:

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Oxytocin and acupuncture

Hannah Pearn Acupuncture - Streatham, Islington, Kennington,London

Can acupuncture boost your oxytocin? What is it? Oxytocin is a hormone,  produced in the hypothalmus and secreted into the bloodstream via the pituitary. One of its main roles is to facilitate the start of labour, the production of breast

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